Nadia Quinn

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IT's the bear!a new musical, upcoming

Music & lyrics by AARON & NADIA QUINN


Six co-workers from the Loving Tree Coffee Shop & Bakery take a team-building retreat to Bear Mountain to sort out some workplace tensions. Soon, the co-workers are picked off one by one by an unseen killer. Jill, the owner of the coffee shop, must lead her remaining employees to safety, even as she worries that her new boyfriend -- an actual bear who lives in these mountains -- may be in danger. As her love and work lives come crashing disastrously together, Jill confronts her beliefs about wilderness and true love. 

This cautionary tale is told by a band of Merry Woodland creatures, and is equal parts Agatha Christie, Bear Jamboree and Twin Peaks. 

Bear Mountain Massacre - It's The Bear
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SUMMER & EVE EXPLAINS THINGS (web series for Above Average)